Al-Sharif Arabians

Mare Breeding Lease Details

We are very proud of our broodmares.  Over the years, we have purchased and/or bred mares of the highest quality and proven bloodlines.  And it shows in the quality of the foals they have produced!

So other people can have the opportuntity to utilize their exceptional bloodlines, we are offering our mares for a Breeding Lease.  This is a perfect opportunity to breed to a high-quality mare without spending a lot of money to buy one.

We have over 20 years experience with breeding and foaling Arabians.   And when breeding via transported semen, we are fortunate to live closely to an equine reproduction specialist who is superb!

Mare Lease Details

Our mare will remain on our farm during the lease period.  You will be charged a monthly fee for use of the mare.  This fee will cover the mare's food, board, worming, routine shots, farrier.  You then arrange for transported semen for whatever stallion you prefer.  All costs associated with breeding the mare will be your responsibility.  The resulting foal will be yours!


It will cost $300 to reserve a mare for the Breeding Lease Program.  Once you begin the breeding process, the monthly lease fee of $175 will start being charged (your $300 deposit will be applied to your invoice charges).  You will be responsible for this monthly fee until the resulting foal is born.  The foal will remain at Al-Sharif Arabians until it is four months old, at which time it will be weaned and you will take it to your home.  For the four months the foal is at our farm, there will be no mare lease fee charged.  There will be a foal boarding fee of $200 per month which covers the foal's care, monthly wormings, halter breaking, grooming of the foal, teaching it to stand tied, and teaching it to load.

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to add some new bloodlines to your breeding program!  See Our Mares page for pictures and descriptions of the mares available for Breeding Lease.

Contact us for a copy of our lease agreement and reserve a mare TODAY to create the foal of your dreams!

NOTE: If you choose to lease a mare that can be bred to our stallion, Midnight Enchantr, and you choose to breed her to him, we will discount his stud fee by half.

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